Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Prasanthinilayam, created the Nigamagamam.,

It was inaugurated on the 29th August, 1992 in the presence of Shri P.V.Narasimha Rao (now late), the then Prime Minister of India.


As on date, the Nigamagamam is being managed by Shri H. J. Dora,IPS(Retired) as chairman and Shri C. Ramaswamy,IPS (Retired), one (Retired), IAS Officer (Shri G. P. Rao) and one Engineer-in-Chief (Retd.) and presently advisor to the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh (Shri R.Kondala Rao).


W.E.F 1-6-2008, the Nigamagamam is functioning as a Trust since some changes had to be brought about on account of certain legal requirements. Thus the Nigamagamam is now managed by a Chairman and four Trustees.


The Nigamagamam is a Public Charitable Trust built on 3 acres of land endowed by the Govt.of Andhra Pradesh. The Nigamagamam was built by Larsen & Toubro and is a large Campus with all facilities provided


The Nigamagamam is situate in Srinagar Colony, a posh locality and is centrally located surrounded by Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Punjagutta, Ameerpet and various other important colonies of Twin Cities. For this reason alone, the Nigamagamam has become an important place for many business activities.


The Nigamagamam has excellent ambience with greenery all around. There are water bodies, fountains, green lawns, plenty of trees - big and small, Indeed, the persons going around the Nigamagamam do not feel like leaving unless they spend substantial time enjoying the environmental facilities, and breathing fresh air.


There are two auditoria, one is the Main Auditorium and the other is an Auditorium-cum-dining hall. There is provision for Sitting 1,333 comfortably cushioned chairs including chairs on the Balcony. The Nigamagamam has commodious Rooms for occupation by the Marriage Party guests. The rooms are Air-Conditioned and Hot & Cold Water is in regular supply. There are cloak rooms and dressing rooms.


The entire complex is nicely laid out. Cement and Dambar Roads to facilitate smooth movement for vehicles and visitors. It is a pleasure going about on roads within the campus.


There is provision for parking 200 nos. four wheelers and 100 nos. two wheelers. The parking area covers about an acre or slightly more. There is security provided in the parking area to ensure that the vehicles are properly looked after. The Nigamagamam however, does not accept any liability to the Vehicle Owners, for any loss to the vehicle or loss of personal belongings kept in the Vehicle.


The Nigamagamam has all the facilities to offer for any event. Marriages, Corp. Meetings, Business Conferences, Spiritual Discourses, School and College Functions are among the events conducted in the Nigamagamam. More particularly, in recent years, the Nigamagamam is catering to the requirements of all persons conducting exhibition-cum-sale. These events attract a large number of ladies from elite.

House Keeping

The Housekeeping Service Provider who is a Mechanical Engineer connected with the Nigamagamam for the past 25 years is the Person in-charge of the housekeeping, both inside and outside. Adequate number of workers stay on the premises and look after the neat maintenance. Not even a leaf is allowed to spoil the neatness of the roads and inside the premises. The moment one function is over, the place is prepared for the next function within a couple of hours. The auditorium, dining hall and all other places are washed neatly inside and outside and prepared for the next party to take over. Housekeeping staff also look after the maintenance of roads within the campus and present a lovely environment for visitors to enjoy.

Water Supply

There is regular 24 hrs. water supply by the Water Board. Water is supplied by the Water Board which laid special lines connecting the Nigamagamam so that even if there is a problem outside, the Nigamagamam gets water without any difficulty.


There is continuous supply of power by the Electrical Sub-station. The Nigamagamam has a 250KVA Generator and in times of failure of power from outside, the Generator takes over the Job. There is a competent Service Provider (M/s.Vidyut Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.) of which Shri M. Srinivasa Rao is the Managing Director who has permanent staff on site to make sure that every single item of failure is immediately attended to. There are electricians appointed by the above contractor working round the clock.


A very competent contractor is looking after the sanitary arrangements, including plumbers, technicians, etc. They are on the site for all 24 hrs. to attend to any problem.


There is Security Provided by PESS Protection Force Pvt. Ltd., of which Mr. V. Madhu is the Managing Director, Two Supervisors and 11 Security Guards provide security for the visitors. For any important function, additional security is provided on payment of charges by the parties.


I) Shri A. Venumadhav Mobile No. (Office) 96669 66665 and mobile No.98480 19654 (Direct) has a contractual arrangement with the Nigamagamam for supply of all the requirements of persons conducting the events. The Tent house has exquisite material and is supplied by the contractor at very competitive rates. The Nigamagamam does not permit persons to bring material from outside. All the requirement like cooking equipments, decorative items and a host of other items are available in the Tent house. The Trust has nothing to do with the fixation of prices. The parties negotiate with the Tent house Contractor.


Shri Venumadhav has also Catering Contract attached to the Nigamagamam under a contract. All catering arrangements should be organized through the caterer by persons through negotiations. Here again, the Nigamagamam has nothing to do with the fixation of Catering charges.


In the Main Auditorium, Marriages, Corporate Meetings, Conferences, Spiritual Discourses, School and College Functions and other important events can be performed with ease and gaiety. There is beautiful Dais provided with velvet screen.


Whatever facilities required are available and the Nigamagamam staff help the persons to secure the required material. Plenty of labour is available.