At the time of booking, a Handbook will be supplied to the party which contains wealth of information about the Nigamagamam  and also the Rules of the Management.  Parties are advised to go through this book critically so that they get familiar with the particulars specified in the Handbook. However, for the benefit of the parties, some important rules are stated below:-

Parties have to pay the rent and the security deposit for the whole or part of the premises they book under different categories (Se Rule 26 of Handbook).  Please see the details of the tariff at the end of this note


In the Event of postponement for any reason whatsoever the Chairman may use his Judgment and consider the circumstance relating to postponement He may forfeit a portion of the rental. There will be no forfeiture of security deposit.

Prohibition of Non Vegetarian Food

Use of Non-Vegetarian food, Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the premises.

Noise Pollution

Hi-fi System / Orchestra or any other musical system shall not be played after 10 pm. Within the permitted decibel level by the Commissioner of Police.


Bursting of crackers inside Nigamagamam premises is strictly prohibited.

Self use by the Nigamagamam

Parties booking the Auditorium for purposes of cultural programme shall reserve 25 chairs, specifically identified for the purpose, for use, free of charge, by the Trustees and the staff members of the Nigamagamam. The chairs identified for the purpose are A. 9, 10, 22, B. 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, and K. 13 to 27 (inclusive)

The tariff payable by the parties under the head Rent and Security Deposit under different categories are specified below:-


S. Area Duration  Tariff  w.e.f GST@18%on Tariff   SSN
No   In Hours 01-04-2023   tariff incl. GST
      Rs. Rs. Rs.
1 Entire Building Complex   20 4,23,729 76,271 5,00,000
2 Entire Building Complex  10 2,54,237 45,763 3,00,000
3 Without Dining Hall  20 4,02,542 72,458 4,75,000
4 Without Dining Hall  10 2,54,237 45,763 3,00,000
5 Dining Hall only 20 2,11,864 38,136 2,50,000
6 Dining Hall only 10 1,69,492 30,508 2,00,000
7 Main Auditorium only 20 1,00,000 18,000 1,18,000
8 Main Auditorium only 10 80,000 14,400 94,400
9 Main Auditorium-I only (Schools/ Colleges) 10 60,000 10,800 70,800
10 Exhibitions (MA-II) Dining Hall (w.e.f 01.01.22)  One Day 75,000 13,500 88,500
11  (a) Extra time allotment on the day before the commencement of sale in the exhibition –For erection of stalls / preparation for the event.   12 30,000 5,400 35,400
(b) Extra time allotment on the day before the commencement of sale in the exhibition - For erection of stalls / preparation for the event.   6 15,000 2,700 17,700

* Extra time allotment over and above the standard time slot @ Rs.5,000/- + GST@18% per hour.
* Extra hours of stay is allowed maximum time 03 hours only.

* Elevation Lighting Charges , Workmen hired for arrangements and cleaning charges are extra.